Strategy, Business Planning and Marketing?
We can help.

My job is ‘Business Consultant’, but what on earth does that mean? For me it means that I do my absolute utmost to support businesses grow and thrive. Forget the title, when it comes down to it, I work collaboratively with people to design, plan and deliver a more successful future.

I know that leaders in an organisation can feel isolated, but it really is less stressful and much more fun when;

  • there is a clear vision of the future
  • there is a simple strategy in place
  • the people you work with are motivated and productive

I am passionate about helping my customers get to this place.

So yes, I do vision, strategy, business planning , people development,  marketing and sales, but what I really do is collaboratively apply fresh thinking, commercial savvy and canny interventions to help accelerate business growth, and what’s more, I am fanatical about building long-lasting, warm, honest and effective relationships built upon trust and respect.

I started my company six years ago so that I could do something I truly loved and believed in; and I do believe that I can help leaders deliver growth, but I would wouldn’t I! What’s more important is that a great deal of my business is from repeat customers, and they say great things about the service they have received.