the customer is
the driving force behind every single enterprise

No matter what your industry, sector, size, product, service, price point or offer; your organisation depends wholly upon its customers, and yet in our competitive markets, retaining and growing customers becomes increasingly difficult. I help you to revolve your business around the customer, so that more customers revolve around your business. I help you to develop initiatives that build brand, increase buyer preference, cultivate loyalty and establish ownership of the market space. This might be looking at how to improve sales skills, or develop a clear and focused marketing plan; it could be doing a competitor analysis or improving the offer to customers. Whatever your business need you can be sure that the customer will be at the centre of the activity. Customers are people, and ‘people buy people first’, I believe that when the customer comes first, the customer will last!


I help you grow and compete through services such as:
  • Marketing Strategy – a strategy aligned to corporate vision and based on customer insight, segmented markets, developed brands and defined value propositions
  • Marketing Plans -  a plan designed to identify the most cost-effective promotional channels and tools
  • Competitive Analysis – analysing competitors and developing plans to achieve and maintain competitive advantage
  • Customer and Consumer Insight – buyer-centric research devised to anticipate and exceed expectations
  • Customer Service - don’t settle for being the best - let me help to discover ways you can be legendary!
  • Creative Sales and Negotiation – using the power of conversation and ideas to  find win:win scenarios